Thursday, September 3, 2009

American Animal

Proof that I am an American animal.

I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a bottle of Orangina (one of the small glass bottles, just to let you know) and my host mother walks by and asks, "Tu n'utilise pas de verre?" (You're not using a glass?)

Crap. I turn red, try and figure out what to say. "Euh, euh...j'ai cru que, cette facon, il va etre moins des verres a laver." Which is, in very, very bad French, "Um, uh...I thought, this way, there would be less glasses to wash."

She gives me a small smile. "Tu es tres gentille. Mais prends une verre." (You're very nice. But take a glass.)

More proof that I am an American animal.

(a.k.a. when even boxed frozen food is more cultured than you are)

I have three dinners a week with my host mother, and my first dinner by myself was the other day. Rather than trying to find a recipe, buy the incredients I wanted, and cook something, I decided to buy something premade at the Casino. (For those of you who are slightly concerned at this point, Casino is a chain of French grocery store. I am not gambling, Mom, I swear!)

I bought this box of frozen quiche Lorraine for a couple euros, and took it home. I then discovered that this is the type of frozen food that you're not supposed to put in the microwave. French frozen food is more cultured then I am, point one.

(Actually, let's make that point two. The fact that it's frozen quiche Lorraine and not taquitos should be point one.)

While my quiche are cooking-- in the oven no less-- I take a look at the box, to discover that there are recommendations for a balanced meal on the back, with an apple, salad, yogurt, everything a good, multicourse meal would need. A multicourse meal made from frozen quiche Lorraine-- point three.

I, being an American college student with the habits of the aforementioned group, just cooked and ate the entire box.

Hey, at least I used a knife and fork?


  1. You show them how we Americans do it! The wild, ill mannered way! XD

    Interesting. Man, it makes me want to go to France just to try their food.

  2. But now we know you are "bien-élevé" thanks to your loving parents! ;-)