Monday, October 17, 2011


I had a surprisingly light day of work today. My host teacher at Chaumeton managed to arrange for two baseball coaches to come give her 9th graders a lesson!

Firstly, I didn't even know that the French played baseball at all, but there apparently are some teams. Frederic, the one coach, told me there was a team at Toulouse, at Bordeaux and three teams in Paris as well as some others that I don't remember. He also tried to talk me into playing, but being that I was in a sweater and jeans, I managed to dissuade him.

(Good lesson for my French readers-- not all Americans play baseball. I haven't played since I was eight and had a ball hit right into my shoulder. I cried for an hour.)

Either way, the students seemed to have a blast as the two coaches put them through their paces. I have quite a few pictures for you, but Blogger seems to be being mean about how many pictures I can put up, so here's the Photobucket album!

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